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Your name is Dr. Jeffrey Vaughn and you are a professor of Art History at Miskatonic University. You're approached by Dr. Margaret Reeves, a professor of Astronomy, asking for your help. The chair of the Psychology Department, Dr. Charles Pohlhaus, has acquired an unsettling painting titled, "The Eye of the Elder Gods" and has nefarious plans that seemingly center around this painting. With your help, Margaret just may be able to stop him and some others from drawing something very evil and very powerful through the painting to this plane of existence.

Eye of the Elder Gods is an interactive Alexa or Google Home story where you, the user, get to choose the course of action for the protagonist, Dr. Jeffrey Vaughn, and ultimately decide the outcome of the story. Will you succeed in stopping Dr. Charles Pohlhaus and his followers? Or will you die or go insane in the process? Your failure may result in Pohlhaus being able to resurrect the dreaded Great Old One, Cthulhu . . . drawing him into this world to  usher in a new and horrible apocalypse.

Eye of the Elder Gods is intended for mature audiences only.

Play this interactive story at your own risk . . . Play it multiple times and make different choices to experience different story outcomes!

Brought to you by Frank Horror and Small Basket Studios

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